Prime Image's Pipeline III provides an audio/video delay solution for HD or SD signals for the purpose of ensuring that live programming meets FCC regulations regarding profanity content suppression. The Pipeline III has been successfully used world-wide by major broadcast and cable networks, local stations, and stadiums.

The Pipeline III provides variable delay of high definition and standard definition signals at the main SDI input. The delay is adjustable in video frame increments of up to 6.25 seconds at 1080i resolution, and 30.5 seconds in standard definition.

All vertical ancillary data (VANC), including Closed Captions (CEA-608/708), are delayed equal to the video signal.

All 16 embedded audio channels are de-embedded and processed independent of the video.  Four AES audio inputs are also processed separately for a total of 20 channels. The audio delay automatically follows the video delay and may be offset by up to +/-500ms to allow for lip-sync correction.

Controls are provided to eliminate objectionable material by individually switching the video and each audio channel to alternate “safe” signals. The video may be switched to an auxiliary input (Aux SDI), one of four captured still images, a freeze frame, a test pattern, or black.  Each audio channel may be individually configured to switch to an auxiliary input (Aux SDI or Aux AES), another delayed audio channel, one of four tone generators, or mute.

Switching is performed via 2 GPI control inputs. Each switch may be configured to control video, or audio, or both.  These same switches may also be set to switch instantly when the GPI is engaged, or wait and follow the video delay with a programmable reaction time. The delayed configuration allows the user to view the original source input, and engage the GPI when something objectionable occurs. When the audio and video signals arrive at the delayed output, the switch will occur timed with the objectionable event.  If the reaction time was set for one second then the switch will begin one second before the objectionable event.

The main SDI input, and the Aux SDI input each have a full frame audio/video synchronizer. Full proc amps are provided for each of the SDI inputs, allowing the video’s brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to be adjusted.

20 channels of delayed audio, 18 channels of AUX audio inputs (16emb + 2 AES), and 4 tone generators are all available for mapping into any of the output AES or SDI embedded channels. Any source may be selected for any output channel, including one source feeding multiple output channels. The mapping function also provides individual level adjustment and phase control for all output channels.

  • Up to 6.25-seconds HD, 30.5-seconds SD
  • Profanity Switching  with alternate "safe" inputs
  • 2 GPI control inputs
  • Programmable reaction time
  • Clean switching (NO clicks or pops)
  • 20 total channels of audio delay (4 AES + 16 Emb)
  • Audio embedder/de-embedder with channel mapping
  • 10-bit video processing
  • 24-bit audio processing  
  • Video test pattern / Audio tone  generator

Your Pipeline III purchase includes a one year warranty for parts and labor.
You may purchase a 3 year extended warranty during checkout.