The Time Tailor Makes More Money For Cable TV/Broadcast Networks Than Any Other Solution

  • If you had one more ad spot in a program, could you sell it?
  • Do you need additional on air spots to promote programs?
  • Do you need to fit content to a specific runtime without removing scenes from the video?
  • Do you need to expand content runtime for international markets?
  • Will removing satellite delay in a live remote broadcast improve your user experience?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes”, Prime Image has a solution that can help your business.

The Time Tailor platform is the industry standard for broadcast quality video time optimization. Time Tailor technology optimizes video runtime to seamlessly insert new ad spots, shrink content runtime without cutting scenes, expand content to fill program slots, and remove satellite delay in live studio-remote broadcasts. The Time Tailor platform has over a decade of proven capability in meeting the stringent quality and performance requirements of leading Hollywood studios and broadcast TV networks.

Our patented technology digitally processes frame accurate time optimization while maintaining synchronization and quality of the video, audio, and closed captioning. The Time Tailor suite of products provides users the ability to target specific segment times and leave other program segments unchanged, i.e., advertising, promos, credits. The Time Tailor product suite provides a level of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and quality that is unprecedented and truly unique.