What the industry leaders are saying about the Time Tailor.

“…the Time Tailor is a one of a kind, indispensible technology that is fully automated; allowing our networks to take advantage of multiple opportunities to refine our video assets for their best uses within hours of broadcast, opening up the potential to drive additional advertising revenue…”

—Don Johnson, Senior Vice President
U.S. Media Operations Discovery Communications

“…The Time Tailor makes more money for the Broadcast and Cable TV Networks than any other solution in the rack today…”

—Mark Stolnitz
Vice President of Media Operations
Hallmark Channel

“We've had great success with Time Tailor. First, it truly simplifies our editing process, closed captioning stays intact and turnaround is fast. Second, the quality of the finished result is exceptional, without the varispped artifacts.”

—Deborah Rocklin,
Editorial Services
Sony Pictures Entertainment