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Time Tailor powered by the AWS Global Network

Prime Image’s Time Tailor is an automated solution powered by Amazon Web Services for adjusting the timing (expansion or reduction) of video and audio content, while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Using a robust automation framework, Time Tailor optimizes content by removing or adding audio and video micro redundancies while blending the remaining frames and audio tracks. This patented process delivered on AWS global network provides a level of flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and quality that is unprecedented and truly unique. Time Tailor enables media organizations to accurately and efficiently create or delete time on a reliable, consistent basis. 


Broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, post-production houses, streaming services, and other commercial program distributors can adjust the content runtime for their specific purposes while maintaining the quality and artistic intent of the content. With the proliferation of multi-platform distribution, the market’s need to repurpose content at scale has grown exponentially.  Networks and streaming services need the highest quality tools to manage their media supply chains. Now accessible via a low cost SaaS model through the AWS global network, Time Tailor is an indispensable tool to give the world’s most demanding media customers additional time and flexibility.



Amazon Web Services
Time Tailor powered by AWS S3 and AWS EC2 Instances

AWS enables the Time Tailor workflow

Customer uploads media file plus XML commands from their media storage

  • File is transferred into the Prime Image S3 buket along with the XML commands

  • Media File is processed with AWS EC2 based on XML commands

  • File outputs back to Amazon Web Services S3 account

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