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Quickly remonetize content and generate new revenue

Utilize Time Tailor’s AI to repurpose content for FAST/OTT streaming, to create new revenue opportunities, and to get to market faster.

Content owners and executives know…

Remonetizing your content library can be an expensive and time-consuming challenge

Manually removing ads from each piece of content takes forever (and costs a fortune)

Multi-platform distribution means you’ll touch each piece of content multiple times to meet their unique requirements

Editing content to make room for new ad inventory  affects creative intent meaning editorial approvals and revenue delays

Meet Time Tailor

The only AI video monetization platform available for (and already loved by) Content Owners, Executives, and Content-Owners alike.

Time Tailor isn’t compression. Our technology utilizes AI to analyze video content at the frame and audio waveform level to identify and eliminate redundancies within the content itself with imperceptible micro-edits. In short? You gain ad time without sacrificing a single shot or syllable of dialogue.

Time Tailor creates additional space for ad inventory without making any perceptible changes to content or altering playback speed (we don’t speed up or slow down the content). Time Tailor can create time for up to two 30-second spots per 30-minutes of content without the need for lengthy and difficult editorial approvals.

Eliminate baked-in ad spots or slates from content with Time Tailor’s proprietary AI, eliminating the need for costly manual editing or additional FTE’s. Less time in the edit bay, more time generating revenue.

Reduce manual and repetitive actions such as inserting blacks/ad markers for dynamic ad insertion for OTT content publishers and FAST platforms. Prep entire seasons of content in the time it used to take to edit a single episode.

Exponential ROI

Discover why Tier 1 Media Executives & Content Owners Trust Time Tailor


time savings

“Before Time Tailor, re-timing a single season of content for multiple distribution channels meant weeks or even months of manual effort and editing.”

—Ed Fraticelli, Vice President, Technology, PMI

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