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How PMI Improves Time to Market for Syndication Customers with Time Tailor

PMI was first in the IP Based Delivery Space for syndicated content. They provide content preparation, closed captioning, commercial integration, icon insertion and editing designed for entertainment and media, including live broadcast, TV, streaming, and more.

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The Challenge

PMI Syndication’s customers are seeking ways to generate more revenue from their catalogs of valuable content. While a rapidly growing number of distribution channels is available to these content owners, each has different business and technical requirements, making content monetization complex and costly.

A solution was needed that could address the following pain points:

  • Scalability & cost: The process for editing and customizing content for each distribution channel is time-consuming, manual, and expensive
  • Time-to-revenue: Content providers are seeking solutions for content re-timing that can compress the time to revenue generation
  • Flexibility: No uniform solution for content monetization exists to mitigate the complexities of differing requirements from one distribution channel to the next


“Before Time Tailor, re-timing a single season of content for multiple distribution channels meant weeks or even months of manual effort and editing.”

The Solution

Utilizing Prime Image’s Time Tailor®, Ed and his team have been able to reduce what once took days of editing to generating the output of a single 30-minute piece of content in less than an hour. Within that single piece of 30-minute content, PMI can not only re-time for each distribution channel, but insert up to two additional ad spots without changes to content or artistic intent.

Here’s how they do it:

  1. The PMI team decides how much time they need for monetization within a given piece of content
  2. The content is uploaded to Time Tailor’s Cloud servers where the proprietary AI makes imperceptible micro-edits, re-timing content to fit the requirements in 60% of real time
  3. Ed and his team can repeat this process quickly and efficiently to generate content for each distribution channel with the push of a button

“We needed an innovative solution to transform our process. We’re responsible for making quality edits to multiple seasons of prime-time television content for distribution across multiple channels. An extremely manual, time-intensive process. Now we can use AI to create those edits in near real-time, and create more revenue opportunities for our customers at the same time. I never want to do time compression the old way again.”

The Results

PMI Syndication’s results speak for themselves:

  • Accelerated Production: Time Tailor cuts re-timing effort for PMI by 90%+, streamlining production from weeks to hours‍
  • Time to Revenue: PMI’s customers can take content to new distribution channels in a fraction of the time it used to take, while also generating new revenue opportunities with increased ad spots
  • Flexibility: Time Tailor allows PMI to quickly adjust for multiple distribution channel’s requirements quickly and with push-button simplicity

“Time Tailor has unlocked new possibilities for PMI that allow us to keep our overhead low, work more quickly, and create revenue for our customers.”

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