Maximize the value of your content with Time Tailor

Time Tailor is the industry standard for content retiming and management, and delivering direct, measurable ROI to producers, owners, and distributors.

“There is no other technology that compares to Time Tailor.”

—Our friends at SDVI

What does Time Tailor do?

It's like a visit to Savile Row for your content — custom tailored to your needs and unique requirements, with nothing lost in the process.

Time Tailor isn’t compression. Our technology utilizes AI to analyze video content at the frame and audio waveform level to identify and eliminate redundancies within the content itself with imperceptible micro-edits.

Time Tailor creates additional space for ad inventory without making any perceptible changes to content or playback speed (meaning no need for lengthy and difficult editorial approvals). Time Tailor can create time for up to two 30-second spots per 30-minutes of content.

Eliminate baked-in ad spots or slates from content with Time Tailor’s proprietary AI, eliminating the need for costly manual editing or additional FTE’s.

Reduce manual and repetitive actions such as inserting blacks/ad markers for dynamic ad insertion for OTT content publishers and FAST platforms.

Time Tailor Features

Wicked fast results

Content is processed through Time Tailor faster than real-time.

Third-party integrations

Integrate with your favorite edit controllers & playout automation

Perfect timing

We don’t speed up or slow down video or audio content.

You have standards

The highest quality output, every time.

Pay for what you use

Usage-based pricing means no CapEx hit, subscription headaches, or $$$ surprises.

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