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Time Tailor

The Industry standard for video time optimization

Time Tailor is truly the industry standard for broadcast quality video time optimization. Time Tailor technology optimizes video runtime to seamlessly insert new ad spots, shrink content runtime without cutting scenes, expand content to fill program slots, and remove satellite delay inlive studio-remote broadcasts.

Our patented technology digitally processes frame accurate time optimization while maintaining synchronization and quality of the video, audio, and closed captioning.

The Time Tailor suite of products provides users the ability to target specific segment times and leave other program segments unchanged, i.e., advertising, promos, credits.

The Time Tailor product suite provides a level of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and quality that is unprecedented and truly unique. Broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, post production, streaming services, and other commercial program distributors can tailor the content runtime for their specific purposes while maintaining the quality of the content.

Prime Image’s time optimization occurs in real-time without pre-recording, preprocessing, video compression, or compromising the integrity of the program, using a process that is virtually undetectable to viewers. The amount of additional time and the time duration over which it is added or removed is programmable through the Time Tailor product suite, third party edit controllers, or play-out automation system providing maximum flexibility for customers.