Meet the New Prime Image

Today marks a special day for Prime Image as we unveil our new brand identity.

Our refreshed brand speaks to the heart of what Prime Image has always stood for: giving content owners, streamers, broadcasters, and networks the magical ability to generate new revenue opportunities, solves distribution complexities, and maximize their video content’s value — all with beautiful simplicity. We’re so excited to introduce a brand that not only helps bring this mission to life, but also pays tribute to the people who use Prime Image solutions every day to accomplish incredible things.

Our new logo is a visual representation of what Prime Image products are designed to do — turn complexity to simplicity. Using basic geometric shapes that represent the workflows and use cases of our customers, we created our beautiful new brand mark, and a design system you’ll begin to see throughout our communications and products. This transformation for Prime Image and for our customers is the result of months of dedicated work by our in-house design team, as well as valuable external feedback.

Since 1985, we’ve served some of the most incredible brands and media companies in the world, and have been at the forefront of media innovation, leading the way in this “golden age of AI” we now find ourselves in.

As we head into our next exciting chapter, we recognize our brand is more than just a reflection of our products and our company. It doesn’t just represent our innovation. It also represents you — our amazing community and all the ways you creatively incorporate Prime Image products into the magic you create, curate, and share with the world.

We’ve re-imagined our brand to reflect your passion, brilliance, and the creative work you do every day. Whether you’re tasked with protecting the creative integrity of your content, finding creative ways to monetize your content, or making the impossible happen in post-production, we want to make your job of crafting extraordinary experiences easier, faster, and more enjoyable than ever.

We’re so grateful to all of you who have chosen Prime Image solutions to transform the landscape of modern media. Thank you for joining us on this adventure! 

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