Prime Image's Time Tailor

A unique opportunity for PBS

Time Tailor is the industry standard for video retiming. It is the world’s most accurate technology that uses AI to micro-edit video

A Time Tailor service for countless PBS needs

Amazon, Youtube, Roku, Fubo, Pluto all have unique  timing requirements that can be met automatically with Time Tailor

Time Tailor can customize program duration depending on distribution requirements, market compliance, or to maximize ad sales and increase revenue without costly manual editing

TIme Tailor presents a unique opportunity for Nature and NOVA programming

Time Tailor can dynamically reformat legacy content to meet new format, compliance and timing requirements without manual editing

The Government currently funds 15% of all programming

 If Government funding goes away, Time Tailor can enable local carriers to increase revenue to cover the loss

Local Carriers may have more flexibility to include additional ad spots

 If local carriers are allowed to include more ad spots, Time Tailor can re-time content by as much as 12% to allow for additional advertising

Prime Time content presents challenges in consistency and timing across markets

Time Tailor would allow PBS to present prime time content consistently across every market in the nation, with consistent ad placement and timing

Time Tailor: AI Driven Micro-editing to automatically retime video

Ad driven television and streaming is the most profitable component of the entertainment ecosystem.

Networks and streaming services need the highest quality tools to manage their media supply chains. Time Tailor is the industry standard for digital retiming (up and down) to customize content.

The Time Tailor product suite provides a level of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and quality that is unprecedented and truly unique.

Broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, post production, streaming services, and other commercial program distributors can tailor the content runtime for their specific purposes while maintaining the quality of the content.

Some Time Tailor Use Cases

EVERY media network, affiliate, FAST Channel, AVOD publisher can customize content on demand to maximize efficiency

Time Tailor Demo

In this example, Time Tailor creates 10 seconds of ad time in a ~1 minute video. Click play to see how it works!

Time Tailor Features

  • Unmatched output quality by which all retiming tools are measured
  • Sub-real time video processing
  • Dynamically scalable
  • Retime content without compression, speeding up, slowing down of tempo
  • Dynamically customize content without compromising artistic quality or program integrity
  • No CapEx – only pay for what you use with usage based pricing
  • Integrate with 3rd party edit controllers, playout automation systems

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